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Barrister Babu 5th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Barrister Babu 5th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Bondita reviewing Trilochan’s words. She reviews Anirudh’s words and goes. Batuk snickers and says she just crossed the Laxman rekha, awesome, Bondita accomplished the work which would be hard for me, presently Trilochan won’t support you, you will battle for widow privileges, yet I will grab your child and toss you out, there will be nobody to battle for your freedoms. He laughs.

Anirudh says Bondita… The man says I realize you are feeling the loss of your family, you need to return to them, I will supplicate that you get fine, I will attempt to join you with them. Bondita gets back home. Individuals serenade her name. Prabhudas requests that Trilochan have desserts, his girl has won the case in light of Bondita, numerous such ladies will get an option to remarry and furthermore get her youngster back. Trilochan yells I don’t need to have the desserts. Bondita requests that Prabhudas leave, she will converse with him later. Individuals leave. She asks Trilochan not to blow up. She says I guarantee, I won’t battle any case until the child comes. He goes. She will not have food. Batuk asks what did you say. He requests that Bihari get the food. He says you would be stressed for the world, yet I m stressed for this child, come on, have the food. He yells at her. She eats the food. He says pause, I will get medications. He goes. Bondita sits tight for him. Mallika comes. She added the mushrooms. She says child won’t be there now, Batuk won’t need to go about as Anirudh now, he will be only mine. Batuk tumbles down. He picks the prescriptions. He sees the mushroom lumps and says its like white mushrooms, its toxic, what’s this doing in Mallika’s room. He says Mallika and my tickets, dated tomorrow, I m sure she is upto something. He rushes to Bondita.

He stops Bondita and says don’t eat that, did you eat the food. She says no, yet why. He asks are you certain. She asks what occurred, what’s in it. He says feline has eaten the food, you can’t eat it. Mallika thinks did Batuk know about it. Bondita asks what, but… He asks don’t you trust me, its not bravo. She says but… He says don’t eat it, attempt to comprehend, I m sorry. He sees Mallika there. He says go to your room, I will get the food. He comes to Mallika’s room. He focuses a blade at her neck and admonishes her. She requests that he leave her. He says you needed to hurt Anirudh’s child, didn’t you get frightened of me, I will kill you. She says leave me, what do you need. He says I need you to leave. She says fine, I will go. Bondita sits tight for him. Batuk says leave, I can kill any individual who interferes with me and Anirudh’s child, disappear from here. He hauls Mallika out. She requests that he tune in. The container falls. Bondita hears the sound and asks who is there. Batuk and Mallika stow away. Bondita goes. He requests that Mallika get out. He leaves her external the entryway. He closes the entryway. He goes to Bondita and asks didn’t you sleep.

She asks where were you, its my entitlement to know. He says don’t talk about privileges, proceed to rest. She asks did our connection ruin to such an extent. He asks did you go frantic, proceed to rest. She gets a girl’s hair on his shirt and asks whose hair is this. He figures it would be Mallika’s hair. He says it tends to be yours, you are asking me, did you become so unreliable, are you questioning me, simply toss the hair, proceed to rest. She says no, I need my replies, I won’t rest, you didn’t converse with me well, you didn’t share any happiness, did you like any other individual, is there anybody in your life, would you like to get isolated from me, I won’t ask anything, I will leave from your life, I won’t rest until I find my solutions. He says you are questioning on me, on your affection, you have recently harmed me, you are harming my sense of pride each day by being obstinate, you crossed all cutoff points, you questioned my person, I can’t meet my eyes, am I such modest. Bondita says I didn’t imply that, I definitely needed to realize where do you go around evening time, I m sorry. He says sorry, I demand you to rest now for baby’s wellbeing. She cries. He says rest and goes. She thinks there is something that he is stowing away from me.

Precap: Bondita gets a call to gather Anirudh’s things that were found close to the waterway. She goes to the workplace. The official requests that she sign. She gets frantic and inquires as to why they composed ‘late’ before Anirudh’s name. He is alive. The official says that the townspeople said they saw Anirudh suffocating in water themselves. She calls at home. Batuk and Trilochan are sitting before Anirudh’s picture and doing puja. Batuk gets and puts the telephone on side. Trilochan says it’s been a half year since Anirudh left them. He supplicates that his spirit stays in harmony. Bondita gets stunned hearing that.

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