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Barrister Babu 28th October 2021

Barrister Babu 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Bondita saying one side pic isn’t there. Mallika says I had a battle with Batuk, he eliminated it out of frustration. Batuk says its Batuk’s outrage, come Bondita. Mallika asks would i be able to grab Anirudh for quite a while. Bondita asks what, I will send the nourishment for you. She goes. Batuk asks what was that show, Bondita is sharp, she might realize that Anirudh and I appear to be identical. She says I don’t mind. He asks are you frantic. She asks are you in affection with Bondita. He giggles. He says you realize I love nobody, I simply love myself, I m really focusing on Bondita on the grounds that she is pregnant, and going to convey Anirudh’s child. She says however I can’t see this, how might I make my heart believe that you will get back to me, I m visually impaired in your affection, I can get it, you need to make me believe that you actually love me, I eliminated your pic today, this may not occur once more. He says alright. She says you should go to my room at 11pm, else I will go to Bondita’s room. He says I will come. He goes.

Some men come from advodate society. The man says we have kept a capacity to respect Bondita, we came to welcome her. Bondita grins. Batuk says she won’t come. The man says its to respect her. Batuk says she won’t come, you might go. The men leave. Bondita thinks I feel he isn’t Anirudh, however another person. Mallika checks out the clock. Batuk sees Bondita weaving a sweater. He sees the time. He requests that she rest. She says no, I won’t rest until you respond to me, for what reason did you tell the lawyer organization that I can’t go to the capacity. He says you are stressed that one prize will get less. She says no, you needed me to go on the stage and get the prizes. He says you are getting a major prize, this child, right or wrong. She says right, you requested that I take choices. He asks can’t I take choices myself, rest now, its late. She says pay attention to me. He says I don’t need the child to have any issue, that’s why you shouldn’t go to Calcutta, its demon for your and baby’s wellbeing, rest now. He lies on the sofa. Mallika sees his pic and sits tight for him. He really takes a look at Bondita. He sees the time and goes to Mallika. He asks are you cheerful at this point. She holds the pic back. She moves for him. He smiles.

Bondita awakens. She doesn’t see him. She goes out to see. She hears some strong. She thinks water sound is coming from the washroom right now, is any tap left open. Batuk is romancing Mallika. He comes out. Bondita sees Batuk and says you… Mallika asks what did you do…. Bondita checks out them. Mallika says Batuk would have fixed it, sorry, the tap wasn’t working, I saw Anirudh and requested that he fix it. Batuk says its fine at this point. Bondita begins chuckling. He inquires as to for what reason are you chuckling. She says you are shuddering, come, change garments, else you will come down with bug. They go to their room. She requests that he sit. He says I will do it. She says take off the garments, I will get a towel, for what reason are you timid. Mallika looks on.

Bondita unfastens his shirt. She says you will come down with bug. He says I will oversee. She requests that he wear the shirt. He says thanks to her and wears it. She wipes his hair. Mallika goes. She says how might I say it, I know you and Mallika chancing upon one another, there is an explanation, however I can’t see you with anybody, assuming you need to go out for a stroll around evening time, then, at that point, take me along. He says OK. She grins and says we will get back to Batuk, then, at that point, we will plan Batuk and Mallika’s marriage, our child will get his uncle and auntie, how is my thought. He says its past the point of no return, you should rest, we will talk later. She goes to sleep.

Its morning, Bondita chats on call. She says I m extremely glad that you educated me the numbers regarding the calls got at our home, you are likewise prepared to give the sound accounts of those calls. She figures now I will realize who was declining for the cases. She gets a few letters and thinks who was attempting to write in my handwriting.

Precap: Anirudh checks out the prize and says, you’re extremely pleased with being a counselor, correct? I will show you your perfect spot. He breaks the prize. Bondita sees it and inquires as to why you do this? He says, assuming you love me, this youngster, you will live being only a spouse and a mother. Stop backing. She says, you’re not my Pati babu. Let me know who you are.

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