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Balika Vadhu Season 2 Episode Written Update 27th October 2021

Balika Vadhu Season 2 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Jigar and Kanku asking Anandi to atleast converse with them. Kanku asks her not to cry. Anandi says how would you feel, in case you are grabbed and assumed coercively to the position, where you don’t need to go. She says Kaku brought me coercively her. She says Ba and Bapu are uninformed that I am here, and requests that he illuminate her folks. Jigar and Kanku are stunned and leave. Prem ji legitimizes his demonstration infront of Sejal. Maadi says whatever he did is correct, Anandi will remain here after Gauna. Jigar calls Kalpesh. Kalpesh goes out to pick the call. Sejal gets some information about his guarantee to Khim ji. Prem ji says I have done this for my family and I have no contrition for this. Sejal says I will call Khim ji and requests that he let him know that Anandi is here. Prem ji grabs telephone from her hand and yells at her, inquires as to whether she is his significant other or foe? Diwari grins and thinks what will occur. Ratan hears Kalpesh requesting that Jigar say. She accepts the call and hears Jigar telling that Prem ji brought Anandi coercively here, and her options was limited and she is crying a ton. Ratan is stunned and requests that he give call to Prem ji. Jigar gets stressed and closes the call. Ratan calls Khim ji and illuminates him that Prem ji has crossed all cutoff points and seized Anandi. Khim ji says he won’t ponder his kinship with him any longer at this point. Ratan requests that he keep his outrage to vent out on Prem ji. Ratan asks Kalpesh not to tell Jigar and anybody that they are going there. Anandi thinks to take help of Kanku. Jigar illuminates Kanku that he had called Kalpesh, when Ratan heard him. kanku says they more likely than not known at this point, that Anandi is here. Anandi comes to Kanku’s room, however she isn’t there. She then, at that point, comes to Jigar’s room and finds his telephone there. Jigar says on the off chance that anybody comes to realize that don’t realize what will occur with me. Kanku says we will keep quiet. Anandi calls from Jigar’s number. Ratan requests that he pick the call. Maadi Baa comes to Anandi and takes telephone from her. She closes the call. Khim ji says I will talk infront of Prem ji, eye to eye. Prem ji thinks to cause Anandi to have food, else she will get frail and I will get feeble. He searches for Anandi and figures where did she go? Maadi Baa says your kaku asked you not to call anybody. She says we love you a great deal and that’s why brought you here, requests that she esteem their affection and spit the indignation. She says you are bahu of this house. I need to secure you this room, so you don’t rehash this underhandedness. Prem ji yells calling Anandi. Maadi Baa says I have secured her Jigar’s room, she was going to call her folks. Anandi thinks how baa and bapu will come to take me now.

Khim ji and Ratan arrive at Prem ji’s house. Khim ji thumps on the entryway calling Prem ji and requests that he open the entryway. Maadi Baa requests that Prem ji open the entryway. She opens the entryway and welcomes them. They get inside. Khim ji asks where is Anandi? Ratan says your Baa has come. They search for Anandi. Anandi thumps on the entryway hearing Ratan and requests that she take her out. Ratan is stunned to see her locked.

Khim ji inquires as to whether he has begun another business to abduct a young lady who sees you as her dad. He inquires as to for what reason did he turn into a lawbreaker and requests that he tell where is Anandi? Prem ji requests that he be in his cutoff points and says this is my home. Khim ji says this is house, or criminal’s point, where seized youngsters are locked. Ratan breaks the lock and takes Anandi out. Anandi embraces her and says I was hanging tight for you. Ratan says I told you not to converse with stranger. Anandi says kaku is of high repute to us, he tricked me and brought me here. Ratan says we will leave from here. Khim ji requests that Prem ji tell where is Anandi and gets his collar. Maadi Baa requests that Khim ji leave him, and says Anandi is the bhagyalakshmi of their home, and he will be thankful that she lucked out, and you individuals are battling. Ratan brings Anandi there. Khim ji rushes to her and embraces her. He asks would you say you are fine? Maadi Baa lets Ratan know that she has not done this, such things don’t suit for their bahu’s mother. She says Anandi is the bahu of the house, and we are bearing your conduct being regarded individuals. Ratan says I have seen your qualities and stands up to her for securing her in the storeroom, and for letting Prem ji do this wrongdoing. Sejal requests that she quiet down. Ratan says don’t contact me. She requests that Khim ji come. They begin strolling with Anandi. Prem ji is stunned. Prem ji holds Anandi’s hand and says she won’t go anyplace. He picks a container to hit Khim ji.

Voiceover: Friendship is that interesting relationship, which depends just on trust, assuming trust is broken, companionship can transform into enmity.

Precap: Khim ji tells that he has done a mix-up. Anandi says everybody deceived me. Kaku is right, after marriage, a girl’s house is the sasural and that implies I will remain here.

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