Balika Vadhu Season 2 Colors Written Update

Balika Vadhu Season 2 4th November 2021 Episode Written Update

Balika Vadhu Season 2 4th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Maadi Baa requesting that Anandi rest and afterward work. Anandi says no Maadi Baa. Maadi Baa says you are little similar to different children, and requests that she have rest. Anandi says she isn’t drained. Sejal says I was sitting tight for you to come and tell me, how was your first day in school. Anandi reviews Ratan used to ask her exactly the same thing. She says it was acceptable. She tracks down reptile and yells. Sejal says from where did it come? Jigar picks it. Anandi says it is phony. Jigar and Kanku giggle. Anandi proceeds to work and don’t laugh.

Ratan asks Khim ji what was the deal? Khim ji says school specialists have taken out Anandi’s name from school, presently she can’t study there. He requests that she keep the paper and says this will remind us, how we have grabbed her youth. Ratan stresses for Anandi. Anandi examines in her room. She peruses the English sentences. She converses with her parents’ pic and says this school is more huge than her past school. She trusts they see her in school. Sejal comes to Anandi’s room and thinks that it is cleaned. She thinks Anandi has done it without anyone’s help. Ratan calls Sejal. Sejal picks the call. Ratan asks would i be able to converse with Anandi? Sejal asks would you say you are fine? Ratan says make me converse with Anandi. Sejal says you can’t converse with her at this moment. Ratan inquires as to whether she is accomplishing any work or got rebuffed. Sejal says no, Anandi has gone to class. She says she is going from yesterday. She says trust me, I won’t let anything wrong occur with Anandi. She says whatever Prem ji did was out of frustration, yet for house advancement. She says he cherishes Anandi a great deal and says trust me, I will deal with Anandi like a mother. Ratan requests that she send Anandi’s pic in school uniform. Sejal says alright, and requests her to send the TC from her old fashioned. Ratan says alright and thinks in the event that Anandi gets taught, their retribution may be less.

Teacher requests that Anandi stand up. Educator requests that she say, how you will say in English, I emerged from house and arrived at school. Anandi asks will I say family creation. Instructor requests her to say reply from this. The young lady lets different young ladies know that she don’t know. Anandi says I house out..going school. The understudies chuckle. Educator says don’t stress, you will know gradually, will buckle down. She requests that the understudies do the schoolwork and come tomorrow.

The young ladies chuckle at Anandi and ridicule her. A kid requests that they stop it. The young lady drops her pencil pocket. Her companion requests that she show the geology HW. Anandi gets up to pick the pocket, however a kid asks her not to battle with the young ladies. She twists down to pick the pocket. The young lady asks her not to contact the tote. Anandi picks the pocket and join it with her clip. She then, at that point, picks the sketch pens and keeps in the pocket. She says now it is fine and returns the pocket to the young lady. The young ladies lament their slip-up, and come to Anandi. Anandi asks what was the deal? The young ladies say sorry and say thanks to her. Anandi says it alright, when you become my companion, I will likewise do this. They ask, will you be our companion? Anandi says OK. They say companions. Anandi asks will you help me in getting English. The young ladies say yes.

Sejal lets Anandi know that assuming the baati is dunked in the ghee, it endures longer. Prem ji comes there chatting on telephone and tells Sejal that Mehul Bhai and his family are coming to India, we will get finance for our business. Prem ji tells Anandi that Mehul’s child name is Anand. Maadi Baa says Anandi and Anand sprinkle joy in their home. She requests that Anandi help Sejal in housework. Prem ji says I will make you meet Anand. Anandi thinks don’t know how Anand will be?

Anandi attempts to learn English in night. She converses with Ratan’s pic and says it is truly challenging to learn English. She says when I got back, Sejal Kaki clicked my pic in school uniform. Ratan checks out Anandi’s pic and says Sejal probably attempted to make you giggle, however you didn’t snicker. Khim ji comes and switches off the handle of the gas. Ratan requests that he make her meet Anandi once. Premji drops Anandi, Jigar and Kanku home. He jokes telling with regards to his school days. Jigar and Kanku giggle. Anandi says I like to go to class and leaves. Khim ji and Ratan come there and take a gander at Anandi going inside the school. Ratan says I need to race to her and embrace her. Anandi faculties her essence and calls Baa. Ratan says Anandi has called me. Khim ji says it is your misconception. Ratan says I can’t even embrace my girl and cries. Anandi looks to a great extent. Kanku calls Anandi.

Voiceover: One wrong maneuver, one falsehood, can prompt a long period of regret.

Precap will be added later.

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