Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai Written Update

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 27th October 2021

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The scene begins with Mirza and Mishra conveying Karishma’s sacks to her room and requesting that her where keep it. Karishma enchantingly says any place they like. Mirza says let us keep it as indicated by their decision and let Karishma orchestrate it later. Karishma exotically says thanks to Mirza and Mishra for preventing her from tumbling down. Mishra says he adores getting ball in cricket from youth. Mirza says even he does and he was a wicket guardian. She expands friendhip hands. They flee. She wryly figures she will forfeit the goats soon. Bittu meets Mirza and Mishra in market and starts adulating them. The two of them justification behind his abrupt social change. He says he heard a delightful young lady is remaining with them and he needs them to assist him with intriguing the young lady. They chuckle on him. He offers them 40 tea and 40 paan cash as gift. They concur. He pays 500 rs each and leaves. They chuckle figuring they could in some measure gather his past debt.

At late evening during supper, Mishra gets some information about kids and Brij/bauji. Shanti says kids ate early and dozed, Bauji has gone out. Brij gets back from memorial service. Karishma goes along with them. Mishra remarks Shanti that she ought to have requested that her companion plan food in her room itself. Karishma attempts to bait Mishra by squirming his foot and squirms Bauji and Shanti all things being equal. The two of them hop in dread thinking it as rodent. She then, at that point, squirms Mishra’s foot who pulls back his goot and it hits Bauji. Bauji races to his room with food figuring rodent will enter his dhoti. Mishra follows Bauji. Shanti insults Karishma that her significant other resembles an honest cow. Karishma says let us see. After supper she strolls on patio and attempts to draw Mirza. Mirza quietly leaves. She turning her back communicates her adoration for himself and sees Shanti and Sakeena when she turns around. The two of them say Mirza left and its loss to draw Mirza and Mishra. Karishma challenges them.

Next morning, Mishra prepares for work late and says as a result of Shanti’s anecdote about Karishma, he woke up late; Mirza probably went to 10-20 clients at this point. Mirza additionally gets late in light of Sakeena discussing Karishma entire evening. The two of them ask Shanti and Sakeena not to discuss Karishma once more. They leave for cooperate when Brij goes along with them and illuminates that his companion passed on attempting to dazzle a young lady. They employ auto when Karishma surges in and demands Babuji to drop her to function as she is getting late. Brij gets down, and Karishma sits among Mirza and Mishra. Sakeena and Shanti thinks Karishma is burning through her time. In auto, Karishma makes an honest effort to draw Mirza and Mishra with her shayari and tempting moves. The two of them flee from auto and arriving at their shops think they got away from her. She follows them and demands for a paan and tea. The two of them serve her tea and paan anxiously. She says they are so anxious as though they have fallen in love.

Precap: No precap.

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