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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Happy Oppose To Marry Nikki

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The scene begins with Mirza getting Chintu’s photograph in Sakeena’s portable. Shanti requests that he show her Chintu’s photograph. Mirza says he will straightforwardly acquire Chintu front of him and leaves. Cheerful Singh/Mishra holds his feet and argue to save his nobility. Mirza wobbles. Cheerful takes Sakeena’s versatile and seeing some other man returns it and says he will go at this point. Mirza inquires as to for what reason was he saying ‘sorry’. him. Cheerful says he got his versatile unintentionally, returns it, and leaves. Mirza says Mishra’s companions are additionally modest like him.

Bittu meets Majnu once more. Majnu gives him a chit. Bittu gets cheerful reasoning its Nikki’s adoration letter for him. Majnu says its a staple rundown and gives him a considerable rundown once more. Bittu inquires as to whether Nikki eats so a lot, he will affirm himself with her. Majnu gets apprehensive and attempts to stop him. Bittu leaves after a touch of his jokergiri. Majnu gets strained reasoning his falsehoods will be uncovered and calls Ashiq for help.

Mirza brings Chintu who is a 50+ uncovered and malnourished man. Shanti inquires as to whether this is Chintu, people in love don’t care about the details. Mirza says its hard of hearing too. Shanti inquires as to whether Chintu was giving CA test. He says he is since years. Shanti inquires as to whether he will wed Nikki. Chintu joyfully concurs. Shanti calls Nikki who says this abnormal person isn’t her Chintu and leaves. Chintu says he simply has diabetes, hypertension, pneumonia, and so forth Mirza says on the off chance that he attempts, he can pass this world itself and sends him away. Bittu watches stowing away. Mirza thinks who is genuine Chintu then, at that point, and apologizes Shanti for bringing incorrectly Chintu. After at some point, Nikki presents dismal shayari. Shanti requests that she fail to remember Chintu. Nikki says she can’t as Chintu was exceptionally attractive and numerous young ladies were distraught behind him. Shanti says character is generally significant, possibly her sweetheart is attractive and its excessive he is a decent spouse, she gives illustration of her evil destiny in the wake of wedding Mishra. Cheerful leaves there raging.

Mirza calls his companion and inquires as to for what reason did he send distinctive Chintu’s photograph. Companion says he delivered retribution for offending him and says he gave haveli’s location to genuine Chintu . Mirza expresses gratitude toward him and inquires as to whether he is prepared to sell his portable once more. Companion indignantly detaches call. Back at haveli, Nikki conflicts with Happy and falls in his affection. Around evening time, Bittu goes into Nikki’s room.

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Nikki misconception him as Happy requests that he record what is in his heart. He records that he cherishes her, does she love him. She peruses and says OK. Bittu stunned leaves holding his hand. Next morning, Shanti inquires as to whether he discovered genuine Chintu. Mirza says Chintu himself will visit them soon. Cheerful thinks even this time Mirza will bring some phony Chintu. Shanti gets glad and illuminates Nikki that her Chinut is coming to meet her. Nikki says she adores another person now. Glad gets cheerful and says he is pleased with her, she probably chose a more attractive man than Chintu. Nikki says she needs to wed him. Glad denies and flees. Shanti makes vow to get them hitched at any expense. Cheerful as Mishra calls Shanti and says they can’t get Nikki hitched to Happy as Happy is certainly not a decent man. Shanti says she has concluded that Nikki will wed Happy and has fixed their commitment in 2 days, if not she will change her bindi. Mishra thinks Shanti is welcoming her sautan.

Precap: No precap.

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