Are Those Lips Real? The Whole World is Wondering the Same Thing About Andrea Ivanova

Andrea Ivanova has made headlines before this but in a recent interview she has expressed her wish to make her lips more bigger. While Talking to Jam Press Andrea announced that she will get another lip injection in Christmas this year. This will be the 27th time Andrea is going to do this. Her goal is to make herself look like a Bratz doll. Andrea has quite a fan following  on social media with over 9500 followers on Instagram and approximately 2000 followers on TikTok. In case you are wondering who she is?

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Let us tell you that Andrea is a 24 years old woman who lives in Bulgaria and she claims to have the biggest lips among humans. Most of the fans love her large lips and most of the time when she posts anything on social media she pouts for her fans which drives them crazy. She started experimenting with her lips a few years ago and this young woman claims that this enhancement of lips gives her confidence. According to a report she has spent almost 5000 USD so far in this process as each of the lip injections cost more than 250 USD. Andrea has also said that she has no intention to stop anytime soon. In the same interview she also said that once she is finished with the lips she will focus on altering the shape of her chin and jaw. Many people also have expressed their concerns about her biggest lips but Andrea is fully confiedent about what she is doing.

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