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Anupama Episode Written Update 28th October 2021

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Anupama by means of landline illuminates Bapuji that she and Anuj are fine and are in some school students’ visitor house. Anuj requests that she illuminate Bapuji that this house is close to thruway. Call separates and telephone gets dead. Anu says Bapuji would illuminate GK that they are fine. Bapuji illuminates GK same. Vanraj requests that Baa rest, yet she with a scowling face denies and chooses to stand by till Anu returns. Anu and Anuj feel they shouldn’t upset youngsters’ party. Their contention begins. Youths say they battle so adorably and request that they join their party. They delay. Youths show their school gathering dance video and sends them to their parent’s space to put on something else. Anuj returns, and they say he resembles a man and its wrong to call him as uncle. Anuj says Anuj is fine. Anu strolls down in shalwar kameez. Anuj recalls the day he saw her first and its it was 23rd July 1995, 10:3:15 a.m. He recounts shayari and appreciates Anu hitting the dance floor with young people. Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar.. tune plays behind the scenes. He further envisions tasting cool beverages from her jug, etc.

Youngsters help their companion Rahul propose her sweetheart Isha. Rahul bows down and says they were companions and he doesn’t know when he fell in her adoration, will she be his better half. Isha reproves him and asks who sets aside such a lot of effort to propose, she acknowledges his proposition and embraces him. He uncovers that he saw her first time a year prior and fell in her affection. A companion says he was holding back to propose her since that day and consequently they arranged this party. Anuj recalls his days and thinks on the off chance that he had shown this fortitude 26 years prior, his destiny would have been something different. He begins sniffling. He and Anu then, at that point, dance on Pehli Baar Mohabbat Ki Hai.. tune. He feels serious migraine and staggers. Everybody gets concerned and inquires as to whether he is fine. He says OK. She reproves him and requests that adolescents take him to room while she brings kadha/home grown decoction for him.

Vanraj keeps hanging tight for Anu and notification its generally 3 a.m. Anuj gets a high fever. Anu requests that adolescents call a specialist. They say nobody will in this tempest. Anu says she will take care of him kadha and apply cold packs. Anuj asks young people not to ruin thier party as a result of him and sends them away. Anu strongly takes care of him kadha and says she is here with him. Anuj’s fever raises. Anu requests that he attempt to rest. Anuj says he needs to tell her something and says I.. Kid enters and says they are attempting to call specialist constantly to no end. She requests to keep attempting and goes to see Anuj sleeping. Vanraj keeps attempting Anu’s number and afterward calls visitor house’ landline and inquires as to whether he can address Anu as he is from his family. Kid says uncle became sick. Vanraj incapable to hear him requests to rehash. Kid surrenders and aunt are resting in a room. Vanraj consumes out of resentment hearing that.

Next morning, Anuj awakens and sees Anu resting on a lounge chair close by. Meri Dunya Hai Tujhme Kahin.. tune plays behind the scenes. Anu awakens hearing sound and inquires as to whether he is fine. He says OK, he doesn’t know how he became sick. She says he doused in downpour. He says thanks to her for dealing with her. She inquires as to whether he wouldn’t if she becomes sick. He says he won’t ever allow anything to happen to her. She recalls that him attempting to say something the previous evening. He inquires as to whether he yakked something subliminally. She says generally individuals talk truth subliminally. He says he will book a taxi and let company’s servicemen tow his vehicle away. She concurs. At Shah house, Vanraj keeps scowling recalling boy’s words that uncle aunt are in a room. Kavya insults him that his ex is returning after a major assignment, he should invite her. He hauls seat and sits close to principle entryway. Samar recollects comparative occurrence earlier.

Precap: Vanraj embarrasses Anu. Anu says enough of regard, agni pariksha is given for Ram and not Ravan/Vanraj. Baa yells. Anu chooses to leave Shah house.

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