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Anupama 27th October 2021

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Anuj lets Anupama know that he had numerous young ladies in his day to day existence, some as companion, some as sweetheart, some as a night sidekick. He met numerous and had illicit relationships, yet couldn’t love anybody; it isn’t so much that those young ladies had something missing in them, he couldn’t love them and it would have been treachery to the young ladies if he had hitched one of them; generally one experiences passionate feelings after marriage, however imagine a scenario in which it doesn’t there is uneven love in marriage. Anu recollects Vanraj’s double-crossing. Anuj says he would have hitched, however couldn’t as he didn’t need to face challenge. She says he can wed even presently as he doesn’t look more than 30, rich, and attractive; he ought to wed as everybody needs a soul mate. He giggles and imitating Salman Khan says there are 2 sort of individuals, one can be hitched and dismal and other can be unmarried and glad, he decided to be content. She giggles. He says he had a misfortune in affection, yet he has figured out how to live cheerfully. She keeps chuckling. He asks when she told everybody needs a soul mate, why don’t she wed. She says she doesn’t need a day to day existence partner.

Vanraj squirms with leg agony and cerebral pain. Nandini gives him pain reliever. He expresses gratitude toward her. She says feels terrible when he harms Anu and damages himself all the while and gives an illustration of a child playing in a soil. She says a great deal occurred in this house as of late and she feels it was only a developed and genuine show will begin now, he should deal with it in the event that it happens.

Anu lets Anuj know that she doesn’t have a spot for a soul mate in her life, not on the grounds that she is a mother of adult youngsters, but since she doesn’t have boldness to cherish or bear torment as she did it once and can’t once more. She says one can endure a youthful age love, yet can’t a full grown age love; she accumulated herself with extraordinary trouble, yet can’t once more. He imitates Salman Khan again and says she is correct and should join Mamaji’s single’s club enrollment; as he said she can be joyfully unmarried than despondently hitched. She snickers once more. He sasy would they be able to go now after his awful mimicry. She says OK. They supplicate god again and return to vehicle. Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.. melody plays behind the scenes. Environment changes. Back in vehicle, Anu messages Bapuji that they are leaving and will arrive at home before sun-down. Downpour begins. Anu says its an unseasonal downpour like cooking contest day. He says he can’t see streets because of weighty rain.

Family gets worried for Anu. Pakhi gets some information about Kinjal. Toshu says she has gone to Mumbai for gathering. Bapuji says Anu informed that she will return before dinnertime. Samar says her telephone isn’t reachable. Anuj’s vehicle stalls out. He attempts to settle on a decision, however doesn’t find organization. She says its intensely pouring and surprisingly her telephone doesn’t have an organization. He says he will go out and check and requests that she be in vehicle. She says the two of them will go out together and jokes giving illustration of a film. He offers her umbrella. She inquires as to whether he is waterproof. He says he is likewise not made of salt. He holds umbrella and gets her out. She slips. He holds her and drops umbrella. They get doused. He eliminates his overcoat and curtains it over her. She saw a house close by and reminds him examining about it. He says he recollects. She asks is it. He mumbles he recollects her each word. The two of them head towards the house.

Bapuji addresses GK over telephone and guarantees him that Anuj would be fine. Vanraj gets stressed for Anu. Baa with a glaring face asks what is he yakking. Samar says its better for mummy and Anuj to remain in an inn than driving in downpour. Baa decides to rebuff Anu if she doesn’t get back today. Anu and Anuj arrive at an expectation and ring ringer trusting they can settle on a decision from that point. Two young men half entryway. Anuj solicitations to allow them to settle on a decision. Young men says they can’t trust outsiders and can’t permit them in. Anu says they are directly as she likewise showed youngsters not to trust outsiders. Anuj requests that they really look at his name on web. They check and get invigorated seeing him and say they were celebrating with companions in their visitor house. They take them in and present popular NRI financial specialist Anuj Kapadia to their companions. Anuj apologizes for upsetting their party. Anu calls from landline and illuminates Bapuji that they are caught in downpour and arrived at a house. Samar recommends to remain there around evening time as there is a deluge int that region. Vanraj, Toshu, and Baa grimace hearing that.

Precap: Anu and Anuj hit the dance floor with adolescents. Vanraj calls landline and enquires about Anupama. Kid gives up and aunt are resting in a room. Vanraj blows up and holds on to embarrass Anu. Kavya incites him.

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