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Alexandra Daniels Speaks Out About Her Experience of Playing Captain Marvel

In the month of August, 2021 Marvel has launched the animated series ‘What If…?’ where the MCU have explored all the possible scenarios that fans have been speculating since its inception. Kevin Feige, the President of MCU has successfully gathered an enormous cast to reprise their roles in this series.

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However some of the actors did not return to give their voice to the animated characters. The list includes characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Drax, Spiderman and a few others.

Captain America and Iron Man, who are played respectively by Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are done with MCU so they didn’t return and Tom Holland who plays spider man did not voice his character because he is associated with Sony but characters like Drax and Captain Marvel have been voiced by new actors due to some undisclosed reasons.

Alexandra Daniels is the actor who voiced the character of Captain Marvel instead of Brie Larson. Recently, Alexandra has talked about her experience of working for the first time with Disney while talking to her friend Lilah (@LilahVision) on the Twitch platform. She has talked about her audition where she mentioned that MCU was initially looking for a voice double artist for Brie Larson and after one month of her audition she was selected for the role.

It was her first voiceover job and she also mentioned that she was surprised when she saw her name alongside the likes of actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Ruffalo and others. Both What If season 2 and Captain Marvel 2 are slated to release in the upcoming months. Hopefully, Brie will return to play the role of Captain Marvel while we can expect to hear the voice of Alexandra again in season 2 of the animated series, ‘What If…?’


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