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A Brief Recap and the New Release Date of Episode 89 of Pokemon 2019

In the 88th episode of Pokemon 2019, Goh and Satoshi went in search of new pokemons deep inside the sea. Both of them love to click pictures of pokemons and are willing to learn about them. During their journey, they find Lovecus who is known to create love bonds between two pokemons. When Goh failed to capture pokemons in the water due to a lightweight monster ball, they realised that they needed to make them heavy to capture the pokemons.

They tried hard but failed to find Sedara and without Sedara it will be very difficult to find Kingdra. After deciding to dive deeper they went for the second time and this time some pokemons tried to scare them away.

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Mr. Genji then told them not to mess with underwater pokemons. Goh then lets Genji know that both of them are looking for wild Kingdra. Genji then told Goh about his experience when he met with wild Kingdra. Santoshi was still hopeful that they would find a clue. 

The 89th episode of this series is all set to release on 3rd December, 2021 where we will find out whether Goh and Satoshi will be able to catch the pokemons. Genji is also expected to help them with swimsuits so that they can dive deeper.

You can watch the upcoming episode on both Netflix and Pokemon TV. The viewers of the UK will be able to watch the episode on Amazon Prime Video UK and also on Youtube.

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