6=30, 3=15, 7=35, 2=?

What is of 2 if 6=30, 3=15, and 7=35? This is a brain test. Which is a puzzle that necessitates finding solutions in unusual ways. To tackle difficult riddles and their mind-bending solutions, all you need is a clever strategy and logical thinking. Thus, try to think deeply as you answer this arithmetic problem to quickly arrive at the solution.

What Is Maths Puzzle?

The brain can be stretched and stimulated by solving math puzzles, which can also aid to increase one’s understanding and proficiency in the subject. To locate the answer, they frequently call for logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Mathematical puzzles of this type, known as logic puzzles, rely on deduction and reasoning from a set of predetermined criteria. Even though they could be difficult, the satisfaction of finding the solution can be fulfilling. Students’ ability to think mathematically and solve problems is enhanced by using these puzzles as a learning aid.

6=30, 3=15, 7=35, 2=? - Math Puzzle Riddle Question

Brain Test If 6=30, 3=15, 7=35, 2=?

Logic puzzles and math problems are two examples of the many various types of difficulties that may be found in brain teasers. These puzzles might be difficult to solve and call for strong problem-solving abilities. Yet, the joy of finding the solution can be rewarding, and completing brain teasers can assist to enhance cognitive skills like critical thinking, focus, and logical reasoning. The problem we’ve provided requires you to exercise your brain, which raises your IQ and develops your aptitude abilities, both of which will be useful in the future.

So look at the pictures we’ve included here.

Given that you looked at the image, there’s a chance you already know something about the puzzle we provided.

There is still a chance for you to solve the image if you are still working through the puzzle. So don’t worry; take your time.

In order to answer this puzzle, train your mind to think about it and make full use of your mathematical abilities.

Brain Test: If 6=30, 3=15, 7=35, 2=? – Answer

This challenging math puzzle has a solution, which you can discover here. We are here to help you find the answer to this brainteaser math puzzle, along with the right methods and explanations, so don’t worry if you are still looking for solutions to the supplied arithmetic riddles. The answer is here.




can be written as







So the answer is 10.

The answer to this puzzle can be found in the image up top: What is 2 if 6=30, 3=15, and 7=35? You are forced to consider this puzzle and its answers by the brainteaser. Some of you may have tried to figure out this puzzle, but many of you haven’t.

Therefore there’s no reason to worry or be frustrated; we are here to assist you in solving your maths riddles together with answers and steps for solving them.

What are maths puzzles?

Mathematical or numerical data serve as the foundation for puzzles that require strong mathematical understanding to solve.


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