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5 Cutest Moments Shared Between Haru and Shizuku

Haru and Shizuku are the protagonists of the anime series called “My Little Monster” which is based on a Shoujo Manga series by the same name. The series is highly eventful and throughout the series, they share several adorable moments, and here we are going to list the top 5 of them.

Haru and Shizuku

1.Haru Confesses His Feelings for Shizuku

Soon after telling Shizuku that she is her first true friend, Haru confessed his feelings for her. Haru also tells her how serious he is about the bond they share.

2. Haru and Shizuku Kiss 

Haru once saved Shizuku from the kidnappers and after that Shizuku often complains about Haru not understanding the value of studying in her life. So, one day Haru tells Sasuke that he will start taking studies seriously just like Shizuke as he cares about her a lot. In return, Shizuku agrees to go to Haru’s favourite restaurant. On the way, all of a sudden Haru kisses her. Though the kiss is unexpected, it leaves a lasting impact on Shizuku.

3.Shizuku Complements Haru’s Smile

Shizuku tells Haru that she likes whenever he smiles. This shows how much she cared about him. All this happens in the corridor of the school where she also tells Haru that he should stop being suspicious about everyone and everything to make people like him. 

4.Shizuku Sleeps on Haru’s Lap

Shizuku often goes to the rooftop to study. One day when Shizuku’s friend Asaki comes to the rooftop he finds out that Shizuku is sleeping on the lap of Haru as she was tired. Later when Shizuku wakes up, she tries to go back to the class but Haru stops her from doing that by putting her head back on his lap.

5.Haru and Shizuku Celebrate Her Birthday

Shizuku’s birthday falls on 14th February which is also Valentine’s day. Shizuku’s mother is not there with her daughter on this special day but Haru shows up with some beautiful presents for Shizuku. Shizuku appreciates this gesture of Haru and they decide to go for a romantic walk where both of them kiss. This is probably the cutest moment shared between Haru and Shizuku.


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