0x0 0xb

If you do proper cuda error checking in your code, you can retrieve that 0xb error that is being reported from a cudaGetLastError call, and pass it to a decoder (cudaGetErrorString) that will tell you something more meaningful.

CUDA runtime API error codes are enumerated in driver_types.h, which on a standard linux install will be in /usr/local/cuda/include Search on cudaSuccess which will be the first enumerated type (i.e. 0) then continue on until you find your error number.

In this case 0xb (= 11) refers to cudaErrorInvalidValue:

 * This indicates that one or more of the parameters passed to the API call
 * is not within an acceptable range of values.
cudaErrorInvalidValue                 =     11,

0x0 0xb

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